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ATM/Debit Cards


Patterson State Bank Visa Debit Card

Use your Patterson State Bank Visa Debit Card when you want to pay for things at the store or over the phone with your checking account.   No more writing checks or getting "special approval" from the store manager.

Patterson State Bank’s Visa Debit Card offers tremendous value and convenience.  It is the card you need to either use at an ATM machine or to make purchases directly from your checking account.  It will make your life just a little easier.

You may be able to use your card wherever VISA is accepted, and your purchases will automatically be deducted from your Patterson State Bank Checking account.  You don't need to carry a checkbook or stand in line to get processed.  You may use your card to shop over the phone or you may use it at an ATM to get cash whenever you need it.  It's safe, secure, and gives you a printed record of each transaction on your present checking account monthly statement.

There are no transaction fees for the use of Patterson State Bank’s Visa Debit Card at Patterson Bank ATMs.  The use of ATMs not owned by Patterson State Bank will incur a per transaction fee.  Just stop by one of our local offices and get your Debit Card TODAY!

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