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Personal Investment and Savings

Certificates of Deposit

Patterson State Bank offers FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit with varying terms and corresponding market interest rates.

Individual Retirement Account

An individual retirement account (IRA) is a personal savings plan that offers tax advantages to customers who set aside money for retirement.*

*Please consult your tax advisor.

Christmas Club Savings

Just in the of Nick time! Throughout the year, why not save for holiday gift-giving or extraordinary expenses with a Christmas Club Savings Account. Direct deduction from your PSB checking account can be arranged for your convenience. Each year, in November, we mail our Christmas Club customers a check for their contributions. A $20 minimum deposit is required to open this account.

Regular Savings Account

Saving for a rainy day is made easier with a PSB Savings Account, where you earn a market rate of interest while retaining access to your funds. You can open a Savings Account with a deposit of $50.00. A low balance fee of $3.00 dollars will be imposed on the last day of each month if the balance falls below $200.00. This fee does not apply to minor children's accounts. Two free withdrawals per month. There is a $2.00 fee per withdrawal thereafter. A $20.00 fee will be imposed on savings accounts closed within 90 days of opening.


For additional information on these and other solutions for your personal investment or savings needs, send an E-mail to or call a PSB member service representative at 985-395-6131 during regular business hours.

Premium Savings Account

This account is designed for those customers that want a higher rate of interest for larger balances.

  • The minimum to open a Premium Savings Account is $25,000.00.
  • There is unlimited in bank withdrawals at no charge.
  • Interest is paid to the account monthly.
  • The customer is paid a higher rate depending on their balance.

For the current Premium Savings interest rate please call Patterson State Bank, 985-395-6131.

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