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In addition to all of your account and loan needs, we offer complementary services to make your banking experience complete. There really is no need to bank anywhere other than Patterson State Bank!


ATM/Debit Card

Paying for daily expenses is more convenient and secure with your Patterson State Bank MasterCard Debit Card.  It will make your life just a little bit easier!

  • FREE Debit Card – use worldwide, anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • FREE withdrawals from Patterson State Bank ATMs
  • Make online or in-store purchases securely without having to carry large amounts of cash
  • Safer and more convenient than carrying checks or cash
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen

To report your
 Patterson State Bank Debit Card
Lost or Stolen, 
During Banking Hours 985-395-6131
After Banking Hours or Weekends 1-800-500-1044


Patterson State Bank’s automated InfoLine makes your accounts accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s as easy as dialing 985-395-BANK.

  • Check account balances
  • Check status of checks you have written
  • Transfer funds from one PSB account to another

Coin Machine

Coins in a jar can be cash in your wallet! It’s easy to turn your change into cash at our conveniently located Coinstar® Machines.

Safe Deposit Box

If you have important documents and valuable possessions then we have a safe and affordable storage solution for you.

Prepaid Access Cards

Travel Card – The Patterson State Bank MasterCard Travel Card is easier to use than traveler’s cheques and safer than cash. It’s the smart and easy way to manage your money when you travel.

Payroll Card – A great solution for employers and employees by having paychecks deposited directly to our Visa Payroll card. Contact us and find out how to enjoy faster, more convenient processing and access to payroll funds.

Reloadable Gift Card – A convenient and secure alternative to cash or checks.

Money Services

For those times when you can’t use cash, personal checks, or credit cards, Patterson State Bank offers low cost convenient money services for all your needs. Options include:

  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Traveler’s Cheques
  • Domestic and Foreign Wire Transfer
  • Western Union Services